About Identity Crime Prevention Institute

IDCPI.org is a non-governmental Organization based in the United Stated which is developed and maintained by a team of volunteer professionals from legal, law enforcement and technology backgrounds.

IDCPI.org four primary goals:

1) To educate people, businesses, and law enforcement agencies about how to prevent identity crime and if identity crime has been committed to provide strategies for dealing with it;

2) To promote the development of legislation around the world to combat identity theft and identity fraud;

3) To research and help to develop strategies and tools for preventing identity crime;

4) To develop a platform whereby individuals, businesses, organizations, attorneys, legislators, and law enforcement agencies can share ideas and strategies for combating identity crime around the world.

We offer prevention tools, research and education services on a wide range of identity theft issues. If you are concerned about identity crime, if you need more information about our organization or our website, or if you would like to schedule trainings or seminars that address identity crime issues, please contact us through our online ticket system.

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